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Reward – Seeking the Ideal Blend of Financial Compensation and Fulfillment

6th International Executive Panel

The financial and economic crisis has fanned the flames of the heated debate over bonus payments and executive salaries. The fact that cash is not always the most important driver in business life emerges clearly from a survey conducted by Egon Zehnder in February and March 2009 among top executives around the world. A global total of 1,003 executives were surveyed for the International Executive Panel. Small and medium-sized businesses as well as major corporations across many different industries were represented on this distinguished panel.

This is the sixth time that Egon Zehnder has held an online survey to consult top leaders about current issues in corporate management. With the International Executive Panel, Egon Zehnder has created an instrument that provides insights into the current spectrum of opinions held by leading corporate decision-makers around the world.

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