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Leaders & Daughters 2021
About the Event

On April 9th, 2019, Egon Zehnder's Mumbai office hosted its Leaders & Daughters event. The event brought together a powerful group of men and women and their daughters and mentees in hopes of spotlighting the motivations and challenges confronting the next generation of professional women. A few highlights from the evening’s discussion are:

  • Has the needle really moved and if yes, then at what pace? Yes, there are signals today that times are changing and that a diverse workplace is more than cheered but that is not applicable for all industries and sectors-- what about the courtrooms? The dialogue has just started and we must push the boundaries to adjust to a newer mindset.

  • It’s important to chase a dream and not a paycheck. The goal is enabling is to enable the next female leaders to dream and carry out their plans, away from any kind of limitation or prejudice.

  • As women continue to climb their leadership journey, they must acknowledge the structural challenges around them and build a supportive ecosystem around them. They must outsource as many task as possible to create more time.

  • While it is important for women to network together and to support each other in their workplaces, it is also critical to have the support of male allies.

  • The importance of mentorship as the next generation of women move forward in their careers.

Leaders & Daughters
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