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Power Moves: A New Generation of Women Transforms Leadership

Leaders & Daughters gives voice to both the current generation of leaders and the rising female stars of the next generation. Our global events series sparks conversations among top level leaders and their daughters and mentees, with the goal of exploring their professional opportunities, challenges, successes and obstacles. We hope to learn how generations might unite to create positive change.

This year’s theme – Power Moves: A New Generation of Women Transforms Leadership – addresses how emerging generations sees the world differently. Their aspirations, values, and viewpoints challenge traditional ways of thinking.  As older generations leaves the workforce, how will this shift in power and perspective reshape organizations?

Many of the discussions at our more than 30 events this year will build upon the findings of a new global survey. In January and February 2019, we surveyed more than 2,500 women and men across seven countries and asked them how they defined great leadership, their views on the importance of a diverse organization, and how they prioritize and balance their professional and personal lives.

Join our To My Daughter movement (#LeadersandDaughters) by writing a letter to your daughter or mentee and sharing your inspirations and guidance. Follow the conversation on Twitter and LinkedIn at #LeadersAndDaughters. Become a member of the LeadersAndDaughters LinkedIn group for real time event updates and discussion.


Read the biggest insights and solutions from our 30 events worldwide in 2019.


“We believe that diverse and inclusive leaders create a better world where organizations and individuals not only grow, they thrive.”

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