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Leaders & Daughters
About the Event

On March 20th, 2019, Egon Zehnder's Miami office hosted its Leaders & Daughters event. The event brought together an intimate group of high-powered men and women and their daughters and mentees in hopes of spotlighting the motivations and challenges confronting the next generation of professional women.

A few highlights from the event:

  • “We need to look at the world from a human perspective. Diversity is a human issue, not just an issue between women and men.”

  • “The goal is to get to a place where equality is the norm, where both feminine and masculine traits are equally embraced.”

  • What can the C-suite do? “Move beyond ‘it’s the right thing to do’ and recognize there is a business case behind diversity and inclusion. Understand why women aren’t getting into key leadership roles in your organization; if senior leadership isn’t cultivating the right environment you will lose female talent.” •

  • “Women are raised to be perfect and men brave.”

  • “Men oversell themselves while women tend to underestimate their capabilities.”

  • “Women in Corporate America are often told to focus on how they can be better; remember to showcase your strengths and bring those examples to the table.”

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