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Security Roundtable — It’s Time for CISOs to Become True C-Suite Business Leaders

  • April 2018

In the past, chief information security officers (CISOs) played a behind-the-scenes role in most organizations, managing servers and security dashboards from behind their desks.

That is no longer the case, according to Kal Bittianda, head of Egon Zehnder’s North America Technology Practice, who explains how recent corporate interest in cybersecurity risk mitigation has forced many CISOs from “executive obscurity” into the spotlight.

Many CISOs now find that their jobs exist at the intersection of risk mitigation and business innovation, requiring them to manage their own information-security organizations as well as their relationships with CEOs, boards, and the rest of the C-suite.

“Overnight, the CISO must come out from the shadows to stand in front of the board, and it’s a fairly daunting task,” said Bittianda. “Only some CISOs are capable of doing that well—and those people are in high demand.”

Full Story: It’s Time for CISOs to Become True C-Suite Business Leaders by Stephanie Overby  (2 April, 2018).

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