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Ethnic Diversity:

From Rapid Response to Lasting Impact


The topic of ethnic diversity has come into sharp focus across the public and private sectors in the United Kingdom. Triggered by shocking incidents of racist acts and language in society, progressive senior leaders have been propelled into overdue and urgent action—while grappling with the health and economic shock from the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is a particularly important and sensitive topic because it is inextricably tied to race relations, political beliefs, socio-economic disparities, biases, political correctness, historical wrongs and contexts, and deeper sociological and physiological human instincts.



Much has been said and written on this subject, but we believe that a lot of the coverage has either over-intellectualized the problem or merely been virtue signaling. The content has been high on recommended actions and low on providing the nuances, insights, and perspectives that will aid sustainable and institutionalized conscious inclusion and equity.

This is why we have written this guide. While not the definitive text on antiracism, we believe it provides substantive and specific guidance on handling difficult and sensitive topics in the workplace and will help drive progress that will move us to a more equitable world.

We attempt to present a variety of ethnic diversity topics in an easily accessible way. Our intention is to show not just the facts, but also moral and ethical arguments for and against any particular course of action as a starting point for further exploration, action, and conversations.


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