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HR Dive – Study: Interpersonal Tasks Challenge CEOs More than Business Tasks

  • August 2018

In a new report from Egon Zehnder, most company chiefs (68%) said that they weren't fully prepared for their role as CEO. In the survey of 402 leaders from 11 countries, corporate heads felt less prepared for the personal and interpersonal aspects of their responsibilities than the strategic and business aspects. Most leaders surveyed were outspoken about their desire and need to work on their own personal development because they see this as a critical element of both their own success and that of their organization.

CEOs need many of the same skills that other professionals need, and personal or soft skills are as important, and sometimes more challenging to find, than professional skills. Although CEOs face unexpected challenges when they take on their roles as company heads, they're likely aware that demands on their time and others' expectations of them will be higher. As new CEOs adjust to their roles, HR leaders can educate them on the value of human capital management (HCM) and how strategies for hiring, training and development, compensation and other HR functions line up with organizational goals.

Full Story: Study: Interpersonal tasks challenge CEOs more than business tasks by Valerie Bolden-Barrett. 08, August 2018.

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