Cultivating the Next Generation of Women Leaders

Leaders & Daughters

March 8th, 6:30 PM - 8:15 PM CST

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8 March #leadersanddaughters

What we heard: “Our panelists were all provocateurs who agreed no one wants hand-outs for women…the prevailing sentiment being that more young women are choosing to follow their passions instead of pre-programmed career paths of yore, and they will find a new way to create opportunities and achieve success on their own terms.”

8 March #leadersanddaughters

What we heard: “The 25 leaders and daughters in attendance collectively shared dreams, stories and opinions in what was a very inspirational 2 hours of high-level discussions.”

8 March #leadersanddaughters

What we heard: “Our leaders and daughters agreed that mentorship is key to advancing women into leadership roles, passionately discussing the many forms that mentorship can take.”

7 March #leadersanddaughters

What we heard: “Bringing Leaders and Daughters together is a rich and welcoming experience. The level of discussion was very open, trusting and, at times, touching.”

8 March #leadersanddaughters

What we heard: “The blueprints of our lives are currently undergoing radical change, regardless of gender. Our mindsets have to keep pace – not to mention our companies and society.”

8 March #leadersanddaughters

What we heard: “We saw a high level of ambition and entrepreneurship in the new generation. The daughters gave us a perspective on leadership less connected to corporate life and more focused on creating something satisfying.”

8 March

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15 March #leadersanddaughters

What we heard: “Women need to manage two careers: as mothers and as professionals […] Companies are not prepared to deal with maternity – flexible work hours, paternity leaves and remote work should be natural.”

2 March #leadersanddaughters

What we heard: “Daughters want to work in organizations with a sense of purpose. There was a lively discussion over living a purposeful life vs. a profitmaking life.”

8 March #leadersanddaughters

What we heard: “We identified society’s attitudes as the real barriers to change. Despite the high participation rate of women at all levels of the workforce, traditional gender stereotypes over family contributions are still getting in the way of real equality.”

7 March

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8 March #leadersanddaughters

What we heard:
“It was a robust and spirited discussion and there was lots of gratitude.”

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15 March

Join the conversation on Twitter #leadersanddaughters

8 March #leadersanddaughters

What we heard: “Our leaders highlighted the importance of mindfulness for the younger generation. Passion is crucial, but it is often best tempered by an ability to sit back and observe, a sense of 'spaciousness' before acting or speaking.”

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